Topics in Mathematical Ecology

Joe Tien
Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University

Topics in Mathematical Ecology

This Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI) course is designed to introduce topics in mathematical ecology to MBI Postdoctoral Fellows and to graduate students in the Math Biology program, but is open to any interested graduate students and postdocs. The course will be team taught, with two weeks (4 classes) spent on each of the following topics:

Epidemiological models, Joe Tien
September 15, 17
September 22, 24

Stochastic dynamic models in ecology, Libby Marschall
October 13, 15
October 20, 22

Spatial ecology and the evolution of dispersal, Yuan Lou
November 10, 12
November 17, 19

Evolutionary game theory, Ian Hamilton
December 1, 3
December 8, 10