Emergent Disease and the Challenges of Globalization

Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Arizona State University)

(September 26, 2006 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM)

Emergent Disease and the Challenges of Globalization


Our world is composed by a multitude of diverse communities tightly linked by economic interests and various associated factors typically collected in the word, globalization.

Mass and air transportation, immigration, and the integration of large heterogeneous economic communities (European Community, NAFTA, MercoSur, etc.) have dramatically altered the world. These "forces" have transformed the local and global, social and environmental landscapes where we live in today, and their impact is likely to grow.

In this lecture, I will address some of the challenges that we face in this new world order, particularly when dealing with global health challenges and public health policy. I will illustrate some of these issues using recent and current experiences with tuberculosis, influenza, HIV, and drug use (alcohol and ecstasy).