MBI Long Term Visitors 2009-2010

Fernando Antoneli
Department of Mathematics, Universidade de Sao Paulo
October 2009 - November 2009
Dieter Armbruster
Mathematics, Arizona State University
November 2009
Xinfu Chen
Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh
August 2009
Faraimunashe Chriove
Department of Mathematics, University of Botswana
February 2009 - January 2010
H. Lisle Gibbs
EEOB, The Ohio State University
September 2009 - June 2010
Yangjin Kim
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of Michigan, Dearborn
September 2009 - June 2010
Maria Leite
Mathematics, University of Oklahoma/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
June 2010
Jianfu Ma
Department of Mathematics, University of Houston
August 2009
David Romano
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Grinnell College
September 2009 - July 2010
Richard Schugart
Department of Mathematics, Western Kentucky University
January 2010
Barbara Szomolay
Center for Integrated Systems Biology, Imperial College
June 2010 - July 2010
Satoshi Takahashi
Department of Mathematics, Zayed University
June 2010
Martin Wechselberger
School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Sydney
October 2009 - December 2009
Chang-Hong Wu
Department of Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University
September 2009 - June 2010
Najat Ziyadi
Department of Mathematics, Cadi Ayyad University
March 2009 - February 2010