MBI Emphasis Year on Mathematical Neuroscience
September 2002 - August 2003

Organizing Committee:

Catherine Carr (Department of Zoology, University of Maryland, College Park);
Bard Ermentrout (Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh);
John Miller (Center for Computational Biology, Montana State University);
John Rinzel (Courant Institute and Center for Neural Science, New York University);
David Tank (Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University);
David Terman (Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University)

The use of mathematics in studying the brain has had great impact on the field of neuroscience and simultaneously motivated important research in mathematics. Research aimed at understanding the nervous system has two major lines of inquiry: How is a signal from the external world represented in the brain, and what are the mechanistic models at the circuit and system levels? The program this year will address both questions. Each quarter features tutorial sessions to provide important background information as well as in-depth workshops examining the issues described. Postdocs and faculty members interested in learning more about neuronal systems and potential mathematical applications in this research are encouraged to attend.

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Events 2002-2003

October 07, 2002 - October 18, 2002
November 18, 2002 - November 22, 2002
February 10, 2003 - February 14, 2003
April 03, 2003 - April 05, 2003
May 05, 2003 - May 09, 2003
May 10, 2003 - May 23, 2003
June 09, 2003 - June 13, 2003