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  • J. Hu, H. Kang and H. Othmer
    Stochastic analysis of reaction-diffusion processes
    Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (Accepted)


    Reaction and diffusion processes are used to model chemical and biological processes over a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Several routes to the diffusion process at various levels of description in time and space are discussed and the master equation for spatially-discretized systems involving reaction and diffusion is developed. We discuss an estimator for the appropriate compartment size for simulating reaction-diffusion systems and introduce a measure of fluctuations in a discretized system. We then describe a new computational algorithm for implementing a modified Gillespie method for compartmental systems in which reactions are aggregated into equivalence classes and computational cells are searched via an optimized tree structure. Finally, we discuss several examples that illustrate the issues that have to be addressed in general systems.

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