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  • M. Chan, S. Wei, P. Wen, Z. Wang, J. Liu, S. Liyanarachchi, R. Brown, K. Nephew, P. Yan and T. Huang
    Hypermethylation of 18S and 28S Ribosomal DNAs predicts Progression-Free Survival in Patients with Ovarian Cancer
    Clinical Cancer ResearchVol. II (2005) pp. 7376-7383


  • A. Friedman, G. Fulci, E. Chiocca , J. Tian and J. Wang
    Glioma Virotherapy: The effects of innate immune suppression and increased viral replication capacity
    Cancer ResearchVol. 66 (2006) pp. 2314-2319


  • Y. Chen, J. Kim, A. Hirning, K. Josi? and M. Bennett
    Emergent genetic oscillations in a synthetic microbial consortium
    ScienceVol. 349 No. 6251 (2015) pp. 986-989


    A challenge of synthetic biology is the creation of cooperative microbial systems that exhibit population-level behaviors. Such systems use cellular signaling mechanisms to regulate gene expression across multiple cell types. We describe the construction of a synthetic microbial consortium consisting of two distinct cell types€”an €œactivator€? strain and a €œrepressor€? strain. These strains produced two orthogonal cell-signaling molecules that regulate gene expression within a synthetic circuit spanning both strains. The two strains generated emergent, population-level oscillations only when cultured together. Certain network topologies of the two-strain circuit were better at maintaining robust oscillations than others. The ability to program population-level dynamics through the genetic engineering of multiple cooperative strains points the way toward engineering complex synthetic tissues and organs with multiple cell types.

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