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  • J. Day, L. Schlesinger and A. Friedman
    Tuberculosis research: Going forward with a powerful "Translation Systems Biology" approach
    Tuberculosis (Edinb)Vol. 90 No. 1 (2010) pp. 7-8


    Due to the complexity of the immune response to a Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection, identifying new, effective therapies and vaccines to combat it has been a problematic issue. Although many advances have been made in understanding particular mechanisms involved, they have, to date, proved insufficient to provide real breakthroughs in this area of tuberculosis research. The term €œTranslational Systems Biology€? has been formally proposed to describe the use of experimental findings combined with mathematical modeling and/or engineering principles to understand complex biological processes in an integrative fashion for the purpose of enhancing clinical practice. This opinion piece discusses the importance of using a translational systems biology approach for tuberculosis research as a means by which to go forward with the potential for significant breakthroughs to occur.

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