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  • S. Lim and E. Jung
    A three-dimensional model of a closed valveless pup system immersed in a viscous fluid
    SIAM J. Appl. Math.Vol. 70 No. 6 (2010) pp. 1999-2010


    : We present a three-dimensional model of flow driven by pumping without valves (valveless pumping) in a closed loop system in which the closed loop of tubing is immersed in an incompressible viscous fluid. This closed tube consists of two parts, an open cylindrical soft tube and an open rigid tube, smoothly connected to one another. At an asymmetric location of the soft tube, a periodic compress-and-release action with a time delay between actions is taken to create a net flow. Numerical results show that the magnitude of average net flow and flow direction inside the tube depend on the pumping frequency, the amplitude of periodic forcing, the compression duration, the length of the soft tube, and the elastic properties of the tube. Fluid viscosity is also found to influence net flow. The immersed boundary method is used to investigate the interaction between the tube and the fluid and to study the valveless pumping mechanism. (A correction to the this article has been appended at the end of the pdf file.)

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