Directed Differentiation of Stem Cells using Lasers

Praveen Arany (April 30, 2012)

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With the renewed excitement in the inducible stem cell field, regenerative medicine is poised at our ability to efficiently direct differentiation of stem cells into functional tissues and organ systems. Besides the vast amount of work currently addressing the mechanistic underpinnings of the directed differentiation process, practical tools to harness this into a clinical utility are lacking. In this talk, I present our work with low power lasers as an innovative tool for clinical regenerative applications. Our current work has uncovered the physical, chemical and molecular events mediating the molecular mechanism mediating these effects using a wide range of in vitro analytical techniques. These observations were validated in vivo assessing directed differentiation of adult dental stem cells in animal models. In summary, low power laser can directs differentiation of resident stem cells via activation of endogenous morphogen.