Some Recent Experience with Clostridium Difficile

Peter Kim (May 21, 2012)

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C. difficile associated outbreaks have been reported worldwide, some with increased mortality and morbidity. Symptoms of this infectious disease range from mild diarrhea to severe colitis and even bowel perforation and death. The bacterium C. difficile is found with the normal bacteria comprising the intestinal flora. These can be killled by antibiotics but not the C. difficile spores, which are insensitive to the majority of antibiotics. The diagnosis of C. difficile infection is based on clinical signs and symptoms and a positive laboratory test for toxigenic C. difficile. Of particular concern is the NAP1/BI/027 strain which has affected North American hospitals of which Southern Ontario hospitals have been especially hard hit. In this talk we will discuss some recent experience with C. difficile along with the use of fecal biotherapy as an effective alternative to standard antibiotics. We will also go over some of the metagenomic sequencing results outlining the observed changes in intestinal flora pre and post fecal biotherapy.