2015 Summer Undergraduate REU Program

Arizona State University

ASU - School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

Topic 1:

Patient-based models to estimate treatment outcome in prostatic cancer patients - Yang Kuang and Fabio Milner

Project Description:

Students will work on the design of new models of Intermittent Androgen Suppression (IAS) therapy, and compare several models in their predictive power using a real-life dataset from a long-term study in Canada. Participants will learn to model biological interactions using dynamical systems; implement parameter identification techniques from real-life data; and discover why such problems are often ill-posed. Matlab will be used to estimate parameters and simulate the dynamics of the system under study.

Topic 2:

Modeling mouse glioma - Eric Kostelich

Project Description:

Students will work as part of a collaboration with the Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix using data from an experiment in which mice were implanted with GL261 tumor cells, which form high-grade brain tumors.  The project involves stochastic modeling of the growth and spread of these tumors.  Finite difference and finite element models will be developed, and the results will be compared with serial magnetic resonance imaging and histology studies.  Possible extensions to retrospective human cases may be considered as well. 

Participants will have an appropriate level of mathematical knowledge to be successful in either of these projects if they have completed a college course on ordinary differential equations and are familiar with Matlab from their work in the early summer one-week program.