University of Iowa

UI - Department of Mathematics

Topic 1:

Use of Algorithms in Image Processing - Palle Jorgensen

There are hands-on algorithms which can be tested on images in any digital camera.  It is a rapidly moving field motivating a study of some of the latest techniques in image analysis. The ones I have in mind are based on multi-resolution, on scale similarities, and on a set of approximation schemes using wavelets.  A common idea is that pixel-matrices making up images, including color, are subdivided and digitized with repeated use of sequential discrete subdivisions. In successive iteration steps, certain self-similarity is used.  Via Matlab programs, and some amount of theory, students will get opportunities for experimenting with this. Aim: Connect fundamental mathematical multi-resolution tools with new advances in algorithms and their practical applications in biological/medical fields.


Topic 2:

Perceptual bi-stability in auditory streaming - Rodica Curtu

The project focuses on the construction, simulation and testing of dynamic models that capture the temporal evolution of neural activity in auditory perception. The models are based on electrocorticography (ECoG) human data from multiple auditory and auditory-related cortical areas.