Visiting Lecturer Program

How to arrange a visit by a VLP Lecturer to your institution

Faculty in mathematical sciences or biological sciences departments, with the concurrence of their department chair, can initiate discussions to engage a Visiting Lecturer for their campus by sending an e-mail to our director at

The e-mail should explain how the Visiting Lecturer will benefit underrepresented minority and women students on your campus. The e-mail should also contain an ordered list of up to three Visiting Lecturers that you would like to have visit and the time frame during which you would like the lecture to take place.

Visiting Lecturers who could be available are listed on this page. By clicking on the name of each individual you can read a brief biographical sketch and a paragraph about what they would lecture on.

If your proposal is accepted, the Director will contact the Visiting Lecturer to see if he or she is able to visit in the time frame you indicate. If the Visiting Lecturer agrees, the details of the visit will be worked out between the host and the Visiting Lecturer. Please note that the Visiting Lecturers are well known mathematical biologists who have many research and teaching commitments. So it is good to arrange visits well in advance and please be aware that your first choice may not be available.

The Mathematical Biosciences Institute will reimburse speakers' expenses for the visit (conforming to NSF guidelines). Reimbursable expenses include travel and hotel costs.