Guidelines for Institute Partners

Goals: The goals of the MBI Institute Partner program are to help enable researchers from partner institutions to participate in MBI programs and to increase the national and international impact of MBI programs.

Supported Activities: The MBI Institute Partner Program

  • Increases travel support of IP researchers, faculty, and students to MBI programs.
  • Partially supports workshops at IP sites.
  • Enables direct community input into MBI programs through the annual IP meeting and expands the base of advice that MBI receives from the community.
  • Provides the opportunity for IP researchers to mentor MBI postdoctoral fellows and expands the capabilities of MBI to broadly mentor its postdoctoral fellows.

Who are Eligible Institute Partners: MBI Institute Partners are universities, government labs or companies. Typically, a single department (but sometimes a group of departments) enters into an agreement with MBI to become an institute partner. The IP designates a contact person who is charged with making decisions on behalf of the IP.

Ways to become an MBI Institute Partner:

  • The IP deposits $2,000-$5,000 in an Ohio State IP account.
  • Travel expenses for approved visitors from partner institutions are reimbursed 50% from the IP account and 50% from MBI funds.
  • The number and amount of reimbursements are not limited; however, should the IP account fall below $1,000, the IP contact person is informed, and the IP is asked to deposit additional funds in the IP account.
  • Unused IP deposited funds roll over from year to year.
  • Either party can terminate the agreement with 60 days notice. In case of termination funds remaining in the IP account will be returned to the IP.

Institute Partner Benefits:

  • Subject to constraints, the Institute Partner program effectively doubles the travel funds of IP researchers when used to participate in MBI events.
  • MBI will support up to three workshops annually at up to $5,000 for each workshop. These workshops are to be held at IP sites and should increase or improve the mathematical biology community at the partner institution. The MBI Directors will decide which workshops will be funded.
  • IP researchers can join the pool of approved mentors of MBI postdoctoral fellows. Reasonable costs for off-site mentoring are borne by MBI.
  • Each IP can designate one representative to attend the annual MBI IP meeting. MBI will reimburse up to $500 for that representative to attend the annual meeting.
  • Institute Partners receive MBI Newsletters and Annual Reports.

Contact Information: Representatives of institutions interested in becoming an MBI Institute Partner should contact the MBI Director at