MBI Supported IP Meetings

University of Glasgow

Glasgow 2nd Workshop on Soft Tissue Modelling
June 10-12, 2015
Organizers: Prof. Xiaoyu Luo (Glasgow, UK), Dr. Hao Gao (Glasgow, UK), Prof. Nicholas Hill (Glasgow, UK), Prof. Boyce Griffith (NYU, USA), Dr. Paul Watton (Sheffield, UK), Dr. Li Cai (The Northwest Polytechnic University, China)

One of the greatest challenges in mechanical modelling is to extend its success to fields outside traditional engineering, in particular to biology, biomedical sciences, and medicine. Following the successful first Soft Tissue Modelling Workshop in 2012, this 2nd workshop will continue the research forum for modelling specialists and medical experts to discuss and exchange ideas on stage of the art developments and challenges in the field of soft tissue modelling, with particular applications (though not exclusively) to soft tissues in cardiovascular systems.

The Ohio State University

Workshop on Topics in Applied Dynamical Systems: Equivariance and Beyond
May 24-27, 2015
Organizers: TBD

The purpose of this four day workshop is to reflect on the current state of equivariant dynamical systems and coupled cell systems theory, focusing on a selection of interconnected research directions. The workshop will feature some of the main contributors to the theory and its numerous applications, highlight promising future directions, and mark the contribution of Professor Martin Golubitsky as one of the leaders of the field on the occasion of his 70th birthday.


  • Equivariant dynamics and applications
  • Coupled cell systems and applications
  • Pattern formation in natural sciences
  • Network Dynamics
  • Mathematical Neuroscience

University of Pittsburgh

Nonlinear Dynamics and Stochastic Methods: from Neuroscience to Other Biological Applications. In honor of G. Bard Ermentrout's 60th Birthday
March 10-12, 2014
Organizers: Rodica Curtu (Iowa) and Angela Reynolds (Virginia Commonwealth)

This conference on nonlinear dynamics and stochastic methods will bring together a mix of senior and junior scientists to report on theoretical methods that proved successful in mathematical neuroscience, and to encourage their dissemination and application to modeling in computational medicine and other biological fields. This conference will coincide with a celebration of G. Bard Ermentrout's sixtieth birthday. The invited speakers will present on mathematical topics such as dynamical systems, multi-scale modeling, phase resetting curves, pattern formation and statistical methods. The mathematical tools will be demonstrated in the context of the following main topics: i) Rhythms in biological systems; ii) The geometry of systems with multiple time scales; iii) Pattern formation in biological systems; iv) Stochastic models: statistical methods and mean field approximations.

The conference runs from March 10-12, 2014 at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA. Travel support may become available for young investigators. Currently, this conference is partial funded by the Mathematical Biosciences Institute and the University of Pittsburgh.

Texas Tech University

The Fourth International Conference on Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Populations in Biological Systems (ICMA IV)
October 4-6, 2013
Organizers: Linda J. S. Allen (Chair), Edward Allen, Bijoy Ghosh, Akif Ibragimov, Sophia Jang, Nancy McIntyre, Lih-Ing Roeger, Richard Strauss

ICMA IV is built around five research themes that represent a gradient of populations in biological systems (from cell signaling to chemotaxis to infectious diseases to climate change-induced distributional shifts to macroecology).

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute

International Conference on Computational Cell Biology: From the Past to the Future
August 14-16, 2013

This meeting has been designed to highlight the interplay between cutting-edge biomathematical approaches and experimental techniques to complex biological problems, identify future directions in the field of computational cell biology, and provide a rare opportunity for young researchers to interact with some leading scientists.

Arizona State University

SMB Annual Meeting: 2013 Travel Grant for young researchers
June 10-13, 2013

University of Miami

Everything Disperses to Miami: The Role of Movement and Dispersal in Ecology, Epidemiology and Environmental Science
December 14-16, 2012
Organizers: Stephen Cantrell (Miami), Shugui Ruan (Miami), Suzanne Lenhart (Tennessee), Yuan Lou (Ohio State)

University of Nottingham

Multiscale Modelling in Medicine and Biology
September 3-5, 2012
Organizers: Markus Owen (CMMB Director), Bindi Brook, Stephen Coombes, Oliver Jensen, Theo Kypraios, Simon Preston and Rüdiger Thul

University of Kwazula-Natal

Two day regional workshop
July 2012
Organizers: Kesh Govinder

University of Oxford

Stochastic modelling of reaction-diffusion processes in biology
July 9-11, 2012
Organizers: Radek Erban, Mark Flegg, and Philip Maini

University of Washington

Northwest Computational Neuroscience Connections
October 1-2, 2010

Arizona State University

Mitigating the Spread of A/H1N1 Flu: Lessons Learned from Past Outbreaks
June 25-28, 2009
Organizers: Miriam Nuño, Tim Lant, Gerardo Chowell-Puente, Megan Jehn, Carlos Castillo-Chavez, and George Basile

This workshop brings together the members of the Southwest Consortium and an international community of influenza experts with the support of local and national organizations to a workshop whose focus is to review lessons learned from previous epidemics and pandemics of influenza - including the ongoing outbreak, with the goals of evaluating the effectiveness of current public health interventions measures and the aim of identifying new and effective methods of incorporating current modeling and computational knowledge as an essential component, in real time, of the decision making process among those directly responsible for the containment of influenza outbreaks.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Frontiers in Applied and Computational Mathematics
June 1-2, 2009

Program: All areas of Mathematical Biology with focus on Neuroscience, Ecology, Biophysics, and Biostatistics