MBI is accepting applications for visiting scholars. For more information, please contact Rebecca Martin (rebecca@mbi.osu.edu).

Visitor Applicants

The Mathematical Biosciences Institute has a program of support for long-term visits, usually described as visits of a month or longer.

Applicants should submit the MBI visitor application form electronically or send it via the postal service to:

Mathematical Biosciences Institute
The Ohio State University
1735 Neil Avenue
Jennings Hall, Room 364
Columbus, Ohio 43210

Untenured researchers interested in a long-term visit should consider applying for an Early Career Award. Some preference is given to visitors whose research is in fields related to the MBI emphasis year, though those with interest in math biology (broadly interpreted) are also encouraged to apply.

Applications should include:

  1. A statement of scientific interests, a research plan, and a statement of reasons for wanting to participate in MBI programs.
  2. A curriculum vitae and a list of publications.
  3. A statement specifying other support you have applied for (e.g. sabbatical, fellowship, or other stipend) and the support you will need from MBI for travel, local expenses (usually described in resident months), and (on occasion) salary.