Celeste Vallejo

Celeste Vallejo

Celeste Vallejo

Postdoctoral Fellow



Jennings Hall 379
1735 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

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  • PhD in Mathematics, University of Florida, 2018

The theme of my research is implementing stochastic simulation models to answer epidemiological questions. My primary application of interest is the elimination of polio in endemic regions. I have used both stochastic compartmental models and metapopulation models to asses the impact of small populations on polio elimination. I am also involved in analyzing crime trends in Santa Monica, CA. Techniques that I use in my area of research include: stochastic processes, the Gillespie algorithm, break point analysis, trend decomposition, and statistical modeling. As a co-sponsored post-doc with Battelle, I am part of a team that is developing a model to improve patient outcomes in a healthcare setting. Using simulation models, in addition to test studies in the healthcare facilities, allows for interventions to be more throughouly explored without endangering patients. My responsibilities include parameterizing, developing, and analyzing the model, as well as quantifying the uncertainty of the model.