Technical Reports 14-30 (2004)

14. A detailed mathematical analysis of a model that couples the cell cycle and apoptosis

Gheorghe Craciun, Baltazar Aguda, and Avner Friedman

15. Multiple equilibria in complex chemical reaction networks: The injectivity property

Gheorghe Craciun and Martin Feinberg

16. Convergence in competition models with small diffusion coefficients

Vivian Hutson, Yuan Lou, and Konstantin Mischaikow

17. Localized activity patterns in excitatory neuronal networks

Jonathan Rubin and Amitabha Bose

18. Spatial and temporal coding in an olfaction-inspired network model

Jeffrey Groff, Corrie Camalier, Cindy Chiu, Ian Miller, and Geraldine Wright

19. An immersed boundary model of the formation and growth of solid tumors

Katarzyna Rejniak

20. A successful application of compact optimization. The protein contact map overlap problem

Robert D. Carr and Giuseppe Lancia

21. Existence and stability of standing pulses in neural networks: I. Existence

Yixin Guo and Carson Chow

22. Existence and stability of standing pulses in neural networks: II. Stability

Yixin Guo and Carson Chow

23. A dynamical system model of transport of neurofilaments in axons

Gheorghe Craciun, Anthony Brown, and Avner Friedman

24. Analysis of a mathematical model of tumor lymphangiogenesis

Avner Friedman and Georgios Lolas

25. Data sources and computational approaches for generating models of gene regulatory networks

Baltazar D. Aguda, Gheorghe Craciun, and Rengul Cetin-Atalay

26. Image segmentation using neural oscillators

Talia Konkle, Ning Jiang, Jie Zhang, Fatma Gurel, Christopher Scheper, and Gheorghe Craciun

27. A mathematical model of the spiking behavior in olfactory receptor neurons

Daniel P. Dougherty, Dorjsuren Badamorj, Michelle Carlton, Magdalena Musielak, Laura Wherity, and Alice Yew

28. Bifurcation from stability to instability for a free boundary problem arising in a tumor model, I

Avner Friedman and Bei Hu

29. A single cell approach in modeling the dynamics of tumor microregions

Katarzyna A. Rejniak

30. MmSAGEClass - software manual: An online database for the functional classification of mouse SAGE tags

Katarzyna A. Rejniak, Adrienne Frostholm, Julie Besco, Magdalena Popesco, and Andrej Rotter