Technical Reports 31-44 (2005)

31. Post-reperfusion healing of the heart: Focus on oxygen-sensitive genes and DNA microarray as a tool

Chandan K. Sen, Joseph S. Verducci, Vincent F. Melfi, Savita Khanna, Catalin Barbacioru, and Sashwati Roy

32. The dynamic range of bursting in a network of synaptically coupled square-wave bursting respiratory pacemaker cells

Janet Best, Alla Borisyuk, Jonathan Rubin, David Terman, and Martin Wechselberger

33. On the effects of migration and spatial heterogeneity on single and multiple species

Yuan Lou

34. Linear algebra in biomolecular modeling

Zhijun Wu

35. Multiple equilibria in complex chemical reaction networks: II. The species-reactions graph

Gheorghe Craciun and Martin Feinberg

36. Multiple equilibria in complex chemical reaction networks: III. Extensions to entrapped species models

Gheorghe Craciun and Martin Feinberg

37. Whirling instability of a rotating elastic filament based on a bacterial flagellar structure

Sookkyung Lim

38. Observing the current input in neurons

Pranay Goel and Klaus Röbenack

39. Glioma virotherapy: The effects of innate immune suppression and increased viral replication capacity

Avner Friedman, Jianjun Paul Tian, Giulia Fulci, E. Antonio Chiocca, and Jin Wang

40. Algebraic structure of non-Mendelian inheritance

Jianjun Paul Tian

41. Coalescent random walks on graphs

Jianjun Paul Tian and Zhenqiu Liu

42. Evolution algebras and their applications

Jianjun Paul Tian

43. Approximate traveling waves in linear reaction-hyperbolic equations

Avner Friedman and Gheorghe Craciun

44. Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatase rho interacts with components of adherens junctions

Julie A. Besco, Robert Hooft van Huijsduijnen, Adrienne Frostholm, and Andrej Rotter