Technical Reports 45-59 (2006)

45. Advection-mediated coexistence of competing species

Robert Stephen Cantrell, Chris Cosner, and Yuan Lou

46. Loops and branches of coexistence states in a Lotka-Volterra competition model

Yuan Lou, Salome Martinez, and Peter Polacik

47. Heritable clustering algorithms for recapturing epigenetic progression in breast cancer

Zailong Wang, Pearlly Yan, Dustin Potter, Charis Eng, Tim H. Huang, and Shili Lin

48. Modeling and analysis of SAGE libraries

Zailong Wang and Shili Lin

49. A computational model for motor pattern switching between taste-induced ingestion and rejection oromotor behaviors

Sharmila Venugopal, Joseph B. Travers, and David H. Terman

50. Understanding bistability in complex enzyme-driven reaction networks/PDF2

Gheorghe Craciun, Yangzhong Tang, and Martin Feinberg

51. Composite MicroRNA target predictions and comparisons of several prediction algorithms

Jin Zhou, Shili Lin, Vince Melfi, and Joe Verducci

52. Reverse engineering discrete dynamical systems from data sets with random input vectors

Winfried Just 

53. Species trees from gene trees: Reconstructing bayesian posterior distributions of a species phylogeny using estimated gene tree distributions

Liang Liu and Dennis K. Pearl

54. The dynamics of a stoichiometric plant-herbivore model and its discrete analog

Guangyu Sui, Meng Fan, Irakli Loladze, and Yang Kuang

55. Parameter estimation in queueing systems using partial information

Ishwar V. Basawa, U. Narayan Bhat, and Jin Zhou

56. From pathways databases to network models

Baltazar Aguda and Andrew B. Goryachev

57. Gamma-normal-gamma mixture model for detecting differentially methylated loci in three breast cancer cell lines

Abbas Khalili, Dustin Potter, Pearlly Yan, Lang Li, Joe Gray, Tim Huang, and Shili Lin

58. Asymptotic profiles of the steady states for an SIS epidemic patch model

Linda J.S. Allen, Ben M. Bolker, Yuan Lou, and Andrew L. Nevai

59. A Kolmogorov-type Competition Model with Multiple Coexistence States and its Applications to Plant Competition for Sunlight

Winfried Just and Andrew L. Nevai