Technical Reports 60-71 (2007)

60. Asymptotic profiles of the steady states for an SIS epidemic reaction-diffusion model

Linda J.S. Allen, Ben M. Bolker, Yuan Lou, and Andrew Nevai

61. Thalamocortical relay reliability varies across subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation protocols in a data-driven computational model

Yixin Guo, Jonathan E. Rubin, Cameron C. McIntyre, Jerrold L. Vitek, and David Terman

62. Reducing neuronal networks to discrete dynamics

David Terman, Sungwoo Ahn, Xueying Wang, and Winfried Just

63. SELEX experiments: New prospects, applications and data analysis in inferring regulatory pathways

Marko Djordjevic

64. Quantitative analysis of a virulent bacteriophage transcription strategy

Marko Djordjevic, Ekaterina Semenova, Boris Shraiman, and Konstantin Severinov

65. Quantitative modeling and data analysis of SELEX experiments

Marko Djordjevic and Anirvan M. Sengupta

66. Transcription strategy of Thermus thermophilus bacteriophage YS40

Anastasiya Sevostyanova, Marko Djordjevic, Konstantin Kuznedelov, Mikhail S. Gelfand, Konstantin Severinov, and Leonid Minakhin

67. Integration of Ranked Lists via Cross Entropy Monte Carlo with Applications to mRNA and microRNA Studies

Shili Lin and Jie Ding

68. Minimal attractors in digraph system models of neuronal networks

Winfried Just, Sungwoo Ahn, and David Terman

69. The extensional flow of of a thin sheet of incompressible, transversely isotropic fluid

J. Edward F. Green and Avner Friedman

70. A Kolmogorov-type Competition Model with Finitely Supported Allocation Profiles and its Applications to Plant Competition for Sunlight

Winfried Just and Andrew Nevai

71. Spatial Patterns in a Discrete-Time SIS Patch Model

Linda J.S. Allen, Yuan Lou, and Andrew Nevai