Travel Reimbursement Requirements


Please read the following information carefully as the Mathematical Biosciences Institute must follow regulations of both The Ohio State University as well as The National Science Foundation. If these guidelines are not followed as directed, you risk not being reimbursed for your travel expenses.


  • Traveler must purchase economy class airfare issued by a US air carrier, no business or first class flights can be reimbursed from our federal funds. No preferred seating, seat upgrades, or travel Insurance will be reimbursed by the MBI.
  • Air Ticket must be purchased directly by the traveler using personal funds and not direct billed by the traveler’s institution.
  • If combining MBI travel with other business/personal travel, a comparable flight quote that is direct round trip from home to MBI during the exact dates of the MBI event must be provided for cost comparison, as well as a brief explanation of travel. (Note: We can only accept comparison prices for the date of the MBI event so the quote must be printed and saved prior to the trip to MBI).

Rental Car:

  • Traveler MUST book economy class car and use one of OSU's preferred vendors and customer code (XZ38Y09) to receive reimbursement:
    • Enterprise Rent-A-Car:1-800-261-7331
    • National Car Rental: 1-877-222-9058
    • Discount #: XZ38Y09
    • PIN:  OHI
    • NOTE: Additional services such as GPS or refueling option (Fuel Service Option or Refueling charge) will not be reimbursed.

Personal Mileage:

  • Personal auto mileage reimbursed at current federal rate ($0.58 per mile) up to the amount of a comparable flight from your departure point.


  • Some other transportation costs such as train/bus, baggage fees, taxis, tolls, parking, etc. are permissible to submit with your travel reimbursement. Any of these expenses that fall under $50 USD do not require a receipt and can be added to the MBI travel log with the note “no receipt”.
  • All expenses must be paid directly by the traveler using personal funds and not direct billed by the traveler’s institution.
  • Tips for taxis/ground transportation are reimbursable but only up to a maximum of 20% of the total expense.


  • MBI does NOT provide meal per diem during travel and will NOT reimburse any meal receipts

NOTE: All forms and receipts for reimbursement must be turned in no later than 60 days after the last day of the event or traveler won’t be reimbursed. If the traveler is unable to comply with any of the guidelines listed above then they should contact MBI Operations Manager Matt Thompson at or (614) 688-3739 to see if exceptions are possible on a case by case basis.