Local Transportation (Columbus & OSU)

If you’re flying into Port Columbus International airport-CMH http://flycolumbus.com/ you can take a taxi to MBI which is roughly 20 minutes and about a $30 cab fare. The MBI is located on the 3rd floor of Jennings Hall which is building 014 on the OSU campus map (linked below). Jennings Hall is located at 1735 Neil Avenue, Columbus OH 43210.

OSU Campus Map: http://www.osu.edu/map/google.php

Jennings Hall: https://www.osu.edu/map/building.php?building=014

Once at MBI there are a number of ways to get around OSU and the city of Columbus. A few options are: 

  • COTA Bus - Get information about COTA bus fares and the best route for you here http://www.cota.com/. They also offer a free bus called CBUS Downtown Circulator http://www.cota.com/Riding-COTA/CBUS.aspx which travels from the Brewery District, through Downtown to Short North, and back again. In addition, COTA now offers bus service from the airport to a number of downtown hotels for $2.75 per ride. It’s called Air Connect and details can be found here http://www.cota.com/airconnect

  • CABS (Campus) Bus - Free bus service for the campus area https://ttm.osu.edu/cabs.

  • COGO Bikes - COGO bike stations are located all throughout the city and they offer various passes that would work to get you around the city. Here is a link https://www.cogobikeshare.com/. Also, if you prefer to have a bike for riding only on campus then you can use the OSU bike share https://ttm.osu.edu/bikeshare.

  • Taxi - You can always take a taxi and some good companies we recommend are:

    • The Right Cab: (614) 419-9187

    • Yellow Cab: (614) 444-4444

    • German Village Taxi: (614) 443-3663

  • Driving - For any visitors driving a vehicle the closest public parking garage near the MBI is the 12th Avenue garage: 12th Ave Garage Link. Parking garage rates are:

    Length of StayRate
    30 Minutes $1.75
    1 Hour $3.25
    2 Hours $5.50
    3 Hours $7.75
    4 Hours $9.75
    Daily Max $11.00
    Off-Peak Max $6.50
    Lost Ticket $27.25