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Videos by 2012 Workshop for Young Researchers in Mathematical Biology

  • Statistical Mechanical Approaches to Biology and Medicine
    Thomas Chou
    I will present a number of problems in macromolecular cellular, and tissue level biology that can be modeled using approaches from statistical physics, stochastic processes, and membrane mechanics. First, I will consider a simple model of nucleosome positioning that predicts the coverage of DNA by histones. At the cellular level, the evolution of cell populations can be de...
  • On the Existence and Uniqueness of Biological Clock Models Matching Experimental Data
    Jae Kyoung Kim
    The development of luciferase markers and other experiment techniques has allowed
    measurement of the timecourses of the expression of genes and proteins with remarkable
    accuracy. Since this data has been used to construct many mathematical models, it is important
    to ask if this problem of model building is well-posed. Here, we focus on a common form...
  • Illustrative examples of building collaborations between mathematics and biology/medicine
    Mark Forest
    I will discuss my approach to doing mathematical biology, which is by no means the best and hopefully not the worst, based on a simple rule: we have made a contribution when our collaborators say we have. * Thus far, I have developed four inspirational (for me) collaborations in math biology: a huge effort called the Virtual Lung Project; a study of single cell mechanochem...
  • Multiple time scales and mixed mode oscillations in intracellular calcium dynamics
    Emily Harvey
    Calcium plays a crucial role in a huge range of cellular processes including muscle contraction, secretion, neuronal ring and many other functions. Of particular interest are the oscillations seen in free intracellular calcium concentration, which are known to act as intracellular messages, relaying information within cells to regulate cell activity.

    A key ...

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