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Videos by Workshop 2: Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Linking levels of analysis in computational models of corticostriatal function
    Michael Frank
    Interactions between frontal cortex and basal ganglia are instrumental in supporting motivated control over action and learning. Computational models have been proposed at multiple levels of description, from biophysics up to algorithmic approaches. I will describe recent attempts to link across levels of description to develop on the one hand, mechanistic neural models wi...
  • The neural dynamics of decision making: multiple scales and a range models
    Phil Holmes
    I will describe a range of models, from cellular to cortical scales, that illuminate how we accumulate evidence and make simple decisions. Large networks composed of individual spiking neurons can capture biophysical details of synaptic transmission and neuromodulation, but their complexity renders them opaque to analysis. Employing methods of mean field and dynamical syst...
  • Thalamus plays a central role in cortical functioning
    Murray Sherman
    Glutamatergic inputs in thalamus and cortex can be classified into two categories: Class 1( driver) and Class 2 (modulator). Following the logic that identifying driver pathways in thalamus and cortex permit insights into information processing leads to the conclusion that there are two types of thalamic relay: first order nuclei like the LGN receive driver input from a su...
  • Consciousness as a decision to engage
    Michael Shadlen
    Consciousness as a decision to engage...
  • Neural integrators -- what do we need and what can we get away with?
    Eric Shea-Brown
    Neural integrators -- what do we need and what can we get away with?...
  • Most of the messages thalamus sends to cortex contribute to "forward models"
    Ray Guillery
    All thalamic inputs that are relayed to cortex come in axons that also send a branch to motor structures. Thus, cortex receives information from sensory receptors about the body and the world and about subcortical activity from first order thalamic relays (see Sherman abstract) and about cortical processing of those inputs from higher order relays. In addition cortex also ...

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