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  • The Mathematics of the Unconscious Brain Under General Anesthesia
    Emery Brown
    General anesthesia is a drug-induced, reversible condition comprised of five behavioral states: unconsciousness, amnesia (loss of memory), analgesia (loss of pain sensation), akinesia (immobility), and hemodynamic stability with control of the stress response. The mechanisms by which anesthetic drugs induce the state of general anesthesia are considered one of the biggest ...
  • Evolution of eusociality
    Martin Nowak
    Eusociality is an advanced form of social organization, where some individuals reduce their reproductive potential to raise the offspring of others. Eusociality is rare but hugely successful: only about 2% of insects are eusocial but they represent 50% of the insect biomass. The biomass of ants alone exceeds that of all terrestrial non-human vertebrates combined. I will pr...
  • Birds, brains, and B-cells: Statistical mechanics for real biological networks
    William Bialek
    Most of the phenomena of life that attract our attention result from interactions among many components in a network. Examples include the interactions among neurons in the brain, among birds in a flock or fish in a school, and even the interactions among amino acids in a single protein. In all these cases there are "emergent" or collective behaviors that are pro...
  • Life Redesigned: The Emergence of Synthetic Biology
    James Collins
    Synthetic biology is bringing together engineers, mathematicians and biologists to model, design and construct biological circuits out of proteins, genes and other bits of DNA, and to use these circuits to rewire and reprogram organisms. These re-engineered organisms are going to change our lives in the coming years, leading to cheaper drugs, "green" means to fue...
  • The human genome: 10 years later
    Lior Pachter
    The modern era of human genomics began ten years ago with the launch of the HapMap project following the publication of the first draft of the human genome. Although the sequencing of the genome was a major scientific achievement, it has become clear that naive analysis of sequence will not be sufficient to address the fundamental challenge in genomics: determination of th...
  • Modelling invasive processes in biology
    Philip Maini
    The collective movement of cells in tissue is vital for normal development but also occurs in abnormal development, such as in cancer. We will review three different models: (i) A vertex-based model to describe cell motion in the early mouse embryo; (ii) A individual-based model for neural crest cell invasion; (iii) A model for acid-mediated tumour invasion.

  • Challenges In Mathematical Ecology: Scaling And Collective Phenomena
    Simon Levin
    The subject of mathematical ecology is one of the oldest in mathematical biology, having its formal roots a century ago in the work of the great mathematician Vito Volterra, with links, some long before, to demography, epidemiology and genetics. Classical challenges remain in understanding the dynamics of populations and connections to the structure of ecological communiti...
  • The Missing Step: Statistical Inference from Big Data
    Nicholas Jewell
    The 20th century revolution in statistics focused on measurement, experimental design, modeling and computational issues in a world of "small" data where the number of observations and/or variables were typically limited and information available in single sources. Scientists face very different challenges in the current age where data is often streamed in real t...
  • The mathematics of biological regulatory networks
    Reka Albert
    Interaction between gene products forms the basis of essential biological processes like signal transduction, cell metabolism or embryonic development. The variety of interactions between genes, proteins and molecules are well captured by network (graph) representations. Experimental advances in the last decade helped uncover the structure of many molecular-to-cellular lev...

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