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Videos by Workshop 4: Analysis and Visualization of Large Collections of Imaging Data

  • Imaging the Brain with Heterogeneous Data Sources
    Larry Carin

    A new model is developed for joint analysis of ordered, categorical, real and count data, motivated by brain imaging and human behavior analysis. In the motivating application, the ordered and categorical data are answers to questionnaires, the (word) count data correspond to the text questions from the questionnaires, and the real data correspond to fMRI response...

  • Extracting large networks from connectomes
    Robert Marc

    Mapping neural networks in brain, retina and spinal cord requires (1) comprehensive parts lists (vertex types), (2) nanometer scale connection detection (edge types), and (3) millimeter scale network tracing. Together this requires high resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) imaging on a scale not routinely possible. Combining serial sectioning and TEM ...

  • 2D and 3D Imaging of Entire Cells and Tissues at Macromolecular Resolution by Advanced Electron Microscopic Approaches
    Manfred Auer

    All processes defining and sustaining life take place within cells or between cells, often mediated by multiprotein supramolecular complexes also known as macromolecular machines . While Structural Genomics and recently Cryo-EM have yielded ever-increasing insight into the overall shape of such macromolecular machines and the detailed mechanism of e.g. catalysis, ...

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