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Colin Klaus

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Colin Klaus

Postdoctoral Fellow



Jennings Hall 374
1735 Neil Ave, Columbus, OH 43210

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  • PhD in Mathematics, Vanderbilt University, 2017

I received my PhD in Mathematics in August 2017 under the supervision of Emmanuele DiBenedetto at Vanderbilt University. My biomathematical research interests have focused on spatio-temporal, finite element models of protein diffusion in cell membranes and a multi-scale finite element model of visual transduction in rod and cone photoreceptor cells.  This model couples vision's G-protein mediated activation cascade with the resultant 2nd messenger diffusion of cGMP and Ca2+.  My classical math interests have been in interior regularity of parabolic partial differential equations of p-Laplacian type and in a parabolic variational formulation of the total variation flow, as well as applications of homogenization and concentrated capacity to parabolic pde's over multi-scale domains. Recently, I have begun interfacing Molecular Dynamics simulations of proteins with continuum models.  This is collaborative work with the Sotomayor Lab at OSU and applied to hearing transduction.