The Mathematical Biosciences Institute Online Colloquium

Thousands of scientists working at the interface of the mathematical and biological sciences have participated in programs at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute (MBI), where they have found out about the latest advances in their fields. MBI has expanded its program with the MBI Online Colloquium. Now in its second year, this series is available as an online interactive event and as on-demand streaming. The colloquia will cover the many fields of mathematical biology. The goal of this program is twofold: to enable large numbers of researchers to hear about recent advances in the field, and to connect the mathematical biology community worldwide.

The MBI Online Colloquium gives individuals and groups the opportunity to hear from outstanding mathematical biologists and to be an active part of colloquium discussions. You can interact with leading researchers and key opinion leaders from your classroom to the comfort of your own office. If you are unable to make a talk, you can view it on-demand at a later date.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to participate.